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home title lock scam

How they pulled off the largest deed scam in Harris County history – Johnson, sole heir of her parents’ former home of 50 years, hadn’t authorized any sale. The next time she visited, the locks had been changed. Yet, for executing what authorities call the largest.

Protecting Your Home Could Help Protect Your Identity – Lock down the Wi-Fi network in your home by using a strong password, and be careful with whom you share that password. Someone with access to your network may be able to access important files on your connected devices.

Stuck in the Middle: Investigation reveals alleged home scam targeting Latinos – Grimaldo and Gomez are among the dozens of North Texas Latino families who claim they were misled into believing they were on track to one day own their homes. Many signed what’s called.

Newport Beach Couple Charged In Deed Fraud Scheme – Prosecutors say 59-year-old Ronald Eugene Griffin didn’t just trespass onto Halle Berry’s hollywood hills home earlier this year. They say he claimed to own it and reportedly tried to change the locks.

Title Lock Corporation Launches National Property Fraud Alert. – Title Lock Corporation Launches National property fraud alert service. title Lock Monitor and Alert service alerts property owners of any fraudulent, mistaken or otherwise illegitimate filings or recordings that could adversely affect their home value or property ownership.

Brooklyn borough president slams deal that could cost Bed-Stuy family their home, demands DA investigate – A Bedford-Stuyvesant family who say they are victims of a real estate scam and on the verge of eviction has been joined by Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams in the fight to keep their home of 30.

Used-car nightmare: Arizona dealer didn’t pay off trades or transfer title to buyers – He told Gilmore his title and paperwork were locked in the old Onyx dealership and he didn’t. More than a month after Virrey and her husband drove home, Nissan called about a late payment on the.

How to Protect Your Home From Deed Theft – [Answer]In 2008, the FBI identified "house stealing" as the "latest scam on the block. refinance or pass the home on to heirs. Home Title Lock is one of the services that says it will monitor your.

San Francisco Firm Offers Solution to Lock Hackers Out of Home Sales – His company, Qualia, helps process home. scam. Qualia offers real estate agents software with a digital "safe room", of sorts. Baker says all homebuying communication goes through Qualia, with only.

How to Protect Your Home From Deed Theft – AIn 2008, the FBI identified “house stealing” as the “latest scam on the block. refinance or pass the home on to heirs. Home Title Lock is one of the services that says it will monitor your home’s.

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