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What Happens After Clear To Close

Clear to Close (CTC) that means the underwriter has approved all. after your scheduled closing date if you had issues in underwriting.. There is just too much that has to occur between CTC and closing for this to happen.

This article explains what happens after a home appraisal, during a typical real estate transaction. For many buyers, mortgage underwriting is the next major step in the process. It can take one to four weeks to close on a house (on average), once the appraisal has been completed. We receive a lot.

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The clear to close letter represents passing one of the major hurdles, but it isn’t the last one. Getting all the way through the subsequent closing process can test your patience, but hang in there. Keep focused on the upcoming closing proceedings and soon enough you will have new house keys in your pocket and a smile on your face.

YOU ARE CLEAR TO CLOSE! Now What? Kurt Clements April 10, 2017 Real Estate Leave a Comment. This is the seventh and final post in our ‘Now What?’ blog series designed to help those people that want to become homeowners, but have no idea what to do. You Are Clear To Close!.

Clear to Close to me usually means the bank has given the attorney’s the go ahead to schedule the closing which usually happens with in a week or so depending on how tight everyones schedule is. Sometimes it will happen sooner especially if buyers lock in is about to expire or if there is a time is of the essence clause.

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Ownership conveys to the borrower once the deed gets recorded. A loan that isn’t clear to close results in a delayed closing until the lender’s conditions are met.

How soon did you close after your "clear to close"? I sent all of my conditions to the loan officer on Thursday and he said he sent them to the processer and that it should take 48 hours to hear back from the underwriter.